Increase Work Productivity by Learning MicroStrategy Online

Increase Work Productivity by Learning MicroStrategy Online

Increase Work Productivity by Learning MicroStrategy Online

There is an excessive demand for MicroStrategy online training, because MicroStrategy is a universal provider of Business Intelligence. It has lots of competitors in current global IT market. It helps a company to take business plan and decision quicker and in a better way. We provide an outstanding MicroStrategy training for the learners in an unbelievable fee.

MicroStrategy Architecture:

The MicroStrategy architecture is three-tier or four-tier architecture.The first tier of MicroStrategy is the bottom. It consists of two databases. First one is Data warehouse and the second one is MicroStrategy metadata .The Data warehouse includes the information which users analyze. Metadata actually means data about data. Here MicroStrategy metadata contains information about the MicroStrategy projects.

The second tier includes MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.It is responsible for executing the reports against the mentioned data warehouse.If the users are connected via the two-tier project source, then the users can access the data warehouse without the intelligence server.
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The third tier of MicroStrategy architecture is called as MicroStrategy web server.It creates the report to the MicroStrategy web client.

Now guess which one is the last tier? You already know it. Yes, it is called as MicroStrategy Web Client.It is responsible to provide documents and reports to its users.

I have described a brief overview of MicroStrategy architecture. But this is not sufficient. If you want to know more on MicroStrategy architecture and interested on our MicroStrategy online training then contact us for the course and class details.You can get the advantage of the flexible class timings of our MicroStrategy online training from anywhere.

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