MicroStrategy is the world provider of mobile software, BI (Business Intelligence) and cloud-based services. It develops software which permits companies to analyze internal data and external data both in order to take business decisions and also to develop mobile applications. If you want to start your career in MicroStrategy, there are several options for you. You can join any MicroStrategy training. If you are a working professional and unable to find time to join MicroStrategy training, then do not worry; for you we have introduced MicroStrategy online training. By this MicroStrategy online training you will be able to manage your office time and learning time both.

Features of MicroStrategy:

1. Integrated architecture: The product set of MicroStrategy is built from a single architectural foundation. These deliver all the five styles of Business Intelligence mentioned below.

  •  Scorecards and Dashboards
  • OLAP
  •  Reporting
  • Alerts and Proactive Notification
  •  Advanced Analysis

2. Full featured Web interface: The web interface of MicroStrategy offers a Windows-like interactive platform with drag-and-drop facility from any Web browser. The advanced Web architecture not using Java or Active X controls, and it delivers a rich reporting stage both for inside and outside the firewall.

3. Seamless integration of analysis, reporting, and monitoring: It can embed with the OLAP features directly into the company reports including scorecards, dashboards. It is providing a flawless user experience that reveals the root causes without the need of programming or switching the interfaces.

4. Self-service and Easy to Use: The unique WYSIWYG report design introduced by MicroStrategy and the editing feature allows MicroStrategy end users to design easily and filter the reports over the Web. It is very easy to use. You can easily implement the concept of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

5. High performance: Unlike other Business Intelligence providers, MicroStrategy expands with the application to professionally scale from hundreds to thousands of users.

6. Proven data scalability: MicroStrategy is holding the highest rank in term of data scalability for the last five years (according to the OLAP survey). With terabyte-size databases commonplace, its field-proven technology allows customers to deploy more Business Intelligence applications with more user functionality and analytic sophistication.

7. Automated report maintainability: The dynamic metadata architecture of MicroStrategy ensures that the changes will reflect throughout all reports automatically.

8. persistent security and user administration: The security is mechanically applied to all the users, reports and the data by the role-based user administration.

9. Engineered on a single code base: MicroStrategy is broadly recognized for its thoroughly engineered software which is based on a single code base and applications of all sizes; leveraging any OS, hardware and data source infrastructure while making Business Intelligence friendlier for the average business user.