The MicroStrategy OLAP Services is an expansion of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server which brings concept of In-memory Business Intelligence (BI) to the MicroStrategy BI platform to extensively improve the performance and analysis.

Advantages of MicroStrategy OLAP Services:

It delivers the flexibility, speed, analytical power of traditional, and multidimensional cube analysis. Extended analytical insight influences better business decisions.

MicroStrategy OLAP service has enhanced analytical capabilities of industry users. They can create their own data comparison groups to compare business performance with each other.

Again, In-memory ROLAP creates mid-tier cube databases or Intelligent Cubes which contain elected portions of the data warehouse. These are flawlessly interwoven in the ROLAP architecture.

In-memory ROLAP takes the advantage of the large addressable memory space on the 64-bit systems to provide high performance middle-tier databases which respond directly to data requests from dashboards, reports and OLAP Analysis from all the users.

The Dynamic Sourcing feature automatically checks a report request. It automatically sources data from a the Intelligent Cube wherever possible. It mechanically allows the report to source data from the warehouse if the data requirements for the report change, or not  satisfied by an Intelligent Cube.

The Cube Advisor scans MicroStrategy Intelligence Server metadata. Then it suggests optimal set of Intelligent Cubes to service the reports and user’s most valuable requests. It also will suggest Intelligent Cubes that are optimized for reducing total Database Time, load, rows Required and user satisfaction.

MicroStrategy Cube Advisor is good choice to effectively determine which queries is good.

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